Handsome Woman

This small room furnished with simple tables and chairs isn't so ''manly'' but very feminine and hearty. Noriko is the owner, roaster and the BREWER of Manly Coffee, she loves "Fresh, Craft and Something".

the way to Noriko's room.

薬院からバスで15分程、小笹の住宅地にある春風荘の一番奥の扉を開ければそこは紀子の部屋、もといManly Coffee。焙煎、抽出、サービスを全て行う小さな部屋は、とてもシンプル。沢山のこだわりとコーヒーへの情熱の詰まった可愛らしい空間。

the aeropress
the wall

the items
the donut
the donut 2
the roaster
the sign

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