I really enjoyed my first visit to Europe, all of them have a marvelous culture (life, food, beautiful architecture and everything )with their long history.

Lunch at Manfred


Best Espresso
Collective Espresso Blend

Coffee Collective,  København, Denmark

Best Milky Coffee
Piccolo Latte

ST. ALi, London United Kingdom

Best Filter Coffee
Guatemalan Santa Felisa "Maria Dolores" via V60 

Kent Kaffe Laboratorium, København, Denmark


Best Breakfast
Poached Eggs with Thyme-Roasted Mushrooms, Grilled Chorizo and Tomato Kasundi

ST. ALi, London United Kingdom

Best Lunch
Something yummy
(I forgot the name what I had…)
Manfred, København, Denmark

Best Dinner
Osso Bucco
(veal shank well stewed with variety of veggies) with Risotto Milanese
Ristrante Solferino, Milan Italy

Best Pastry
Banana and Chocolate Muffin

ST. ALi, London United Kingdom

Best Gelato
Pistachio and Crema di Grom

Grom, Milan Italy

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